Secret Training Act

Secret Training Act

1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this act is to prevent Nunawading Triathlon Club (NunaTriClub) members getting an unknown and/or unfair advantage on race day.

It is also to prevent factions and rebel training sessions forming within the Club.

Any NunaTriCLub member who performs any form of training not within the clubs designated sessions as per the NunaTriClub Training page, and not posting the designated session on the club Facebook page is secretly training. All postings must be within a reasonable timeframe that allows other members to join the said activity. Posts immediately prior to the said training are just boasting and will be treated with the contempt they deserve (and a hatful of points).

2.0 Definitions

3.0 Penalty Points

4.0 Clauses

5.0 Reduction of Penalty

If a member has been pinged secret training by a loyal and law abiding member, they may get a reduction in penalty points by one of the following methods:

6.0 Appeals

Appeals will not be heard under any circumstances... This is not a democracy!

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