Tina Tian
Tina Tian
Question Answer
Tell us about your sporting background and how you first got into triathlons I started getting in to Triathlons early last year. After my second child, I started running to lose weight. After my third child, I started to learn swimming as another form of exercise. I joined Running In The Burbs three years ago and there was a runner there who tried the GIT program and loved it. This then lead to my own interest in triathlons.
Your favourite TRI discipline? Running
Goal race for the 2017/18 season? Perhaps future goals? My goal this season is to compete in the Challenge Shepparton 70.3. My future goal is to complete a full ironman.
Favourite holiday destination and why Gold Coast because I love the sunny weather, the theme parks and the beach.
In a snapshot of a few sentences, what else keeps you busy outside of triathlons? My work, family and kids' activities keep me busy. Especially my second daughter is a state breast stroke swimmer and trains almost every day of the week. I'm so proud of her.
What do you love about being a member of NunaTriClub? I love being a member of the Nuna Tri Club because I get to learn from the other experienced athletes and I love the team environment. I also love the support during training and racing.

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