Tim Stickley
Tim Stickley
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Tell us about your sporting background and how you first got into triathlons Growing up I was introduced to sports from a young age and played competitive Tennis, Cricket and later Basketball.

I had never competed in athletics until High School where I put my hand up to do every race that I could in Year 7 and my love of athletics ignited.

More of a sprinter, I competed at All High levels in the 100m and rarely did anything longer than an 800m event.

I fell into triathlon through rehabilitation. Suffering from nagging injuries that wouldn't go away. I finally quit basketball and joined a gym to try and resolve my bad back at 44!

This led to RPM classes and on a summer holiday at Blairgowrie I decided to swim to a pier 500m away which I though looked impossible. Surprisingly I made it there and the next day decided to get to the yacht squadron pier about 700m and made it as well!

My greatest fear in doing triathlon was the swim. I could at least survive the swim leg so decided to give it a go with a work colleague who was doing the Gatorade Series.

That was Race 3 at Elwood in 2015 (2 years ago!).

We had a conference booked in Cairns the week leading up to Ironman later that year in June and this is where I completed my first 70.3.

This was the very first time I ever swam 1.9km as well as the first half marathon I had ever run competitively! What a world of pain that was!
Your favourite TRI discipline? My results show that my strongest leg is the run but I love the swim because I feel that I have completed the event when my worst leg of the race is over!
Goal race for the 2017/18 season? My goal for 2018 is to complete Ironman Cairns in June
Favourite holiday destination and why? My favourite holiday destination is Noosa followed closely by Port Douglas.
Super power for a day If I could have a super power for a day it would definitely be (Mel Gibson style - What Women Want) being able to read my wife's mind - now that would be amazing :)
What else keeps me busy outside of tri? When not training for triathlon I love spending time with my family - wife and two girls Caitlin (11) and Tahlia (9) and am heavily involved in little aths and basketball coaching with them.

My other equal love to Triathlon is Golf which is really hard to combine with the hours involved but I am lucky enough to get to play Friday mornings and quite often combine Tri and Golf with a ride back from Cape Schanck where I play.

We are also involved in Crossway Baptist Church which keeps me occupied Sunday mornings and absent from the long rides! Can't wait until the kids are older and we can move to the evening service.

Whilst I trained as a teacher in the late 80's and have a B Ed. for secondary teaching (Physical Education and English), I work in real estate and have a series of Barry Plant Branches in Noble Park, Springvale, Keysborough and Dandenong with a staff of 60+ - never a dull moment!

Having worked for 27 years now in the industry my aim is to work the same hours as teachers and enjoy life - lol!
What do you love about being a member of NunaTriClub? I joined Nuna Tri club in October 2015 primarily so that I could get the pre-release entry to Noosa Triathlon which I was super keen to do.

Little did I think that I would train and get to know so many great people at the club.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many people and absolutely love the positivity and encouragement that surrounds tri athletes of all abilities. It is a great environment to be in and Nuna Tri club definitely is a great place to belong.

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