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Most members know that you can kinda swim, but what attracted you to move into triathlons? I was working with a couple of guys that just completed the 70.3 event in South Africa. They didn't stop talking about it. I was super curios and being a competitive person I thought I should give it a crack, mainly to see if I could beat them haha! It was meant to be a one off, but loved every minute! I then I moved back to Australia and wanted to meet people, so I joined nuna and it's been love ever since!
Which discipline do you enjoy the most? (your running is pretty strong now from when you first started!) Since I am not much of a land animal, I have enjoyed the challenges of both running and riding! But I have to say that the riding is definitely my favourite! I love the places we ride and the social aspect!
You had solid races at Shepp and Challenge Melbourne over the 15/16 season, how did you find both of these races respectively? Challenge Shepp was just the best day for me, everything went to plan and I was quite shocked/stoked with my time! The course was great, flat and fast! I absolutely loved the atmosphere and seeing all the Nuna crew around the course made it that much better! I found Challenge Melbourne much tougher for me though! The three lap bike course was challenging, but always fun to do a local race!
What events / goals are next on the horizon? Plans for the next season is to continue to improve my ride and run for the 70.3 events as I would like to get a few more of these under my belt!! No doubt I'll get roped into a full ironman at some stage down the track!
In a snapshot, what keeps you busy outside of sport / triathlon? Most of my free time is spent training, but I coach a group of state level swimmers. I’m currently in the process of becoming a teacher and love spending time with my family.
Favourite holiday destination? My favourite holiday destination so far is South Africa but I’m desperate to go to Europe!
If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be? It's got to be teleporting. I've needed it plenty of times already!

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