Steven Goossens
Steven Goossens
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Tell us about your sporting background and how you first got into triathlons I always played sport and was active as a kid and loved being outdoors. I gave everything a go, and can play nearly all sports ok but excel in none.

My main sports in high school were cross-country, football, athletics and golf. After leaving school I continued with football for a time which obviously involved running as well. I would also do weights during footy pre-season and continued on with that and running after I stopped playing.

In the summer of 1991-1992 I did two of the Commonwealth Bank Series (as it was known then) triathlons. Both were 500m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run. I was happy that I had done them but hated swimming so didn’t do another tri until Portarlington in 2013 with no training (except running of course).

I decided the week of the race to do it, and borrowed a friend’s bike and even a pair of goggles on the day! 11 months later I did an IRONMAN.
Your favourite TRI discipline? Is running, however, ironically I have bombed in my two IRONMAN marathons whilst (for me) swimming out of my skin.
Goal race for the 2016/17 season? Perhaps future goals? Busso in December 2017. Looking forward to going away with people from the club and nailing the run leg of the marathon for a big PB. Because I will never qualify for Kona, I’d like to do the half IM there, and also Challenge Roth.
Favourite holiday destination and why Hawaii! For lots of reasons! Relaxed, weather, beaches, scenery, diversity. Where else in the world can you be on a beach swimming with turtles, then drive 10 minutes to see an active volcano and then drive 80 minutes to a dormant volcano at 13,800ft where it snows during winter. Just get out of Waikiki.
If you could have a super power for a day what would it be? I think being invisible.
In a snapshot of a few sentences, what else keeps you busy outside of triathlons? Life! Work, training, Facebook, enjoying a cup of coffee, friends, footy and a couple of TV shows.
What do you love about being a member of NunaTriClub? The people and their journeys, and seeing what a positive difference it can make in their lives.

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