Steve Vaughan
Steve Vaughan
Question Answer
Age? I never want to grow up
Born where? East Freemantle
Star sign Cancer
Single/married/kids Married Shaynna - Carly, Jess
Occupation President - Nunawading Triathlon Club
Nickname/s Scubes
Current bike Specialized S Woks Tarmac
Current shoes Asics 2090
When did you begin triathlon and why? 1999 - always wanted to be able to say that I had completed in just 1 triathlon....hmmmm
How many years in NTC? Coming into 7th season
What is your sporting background? Football, sailing, beach volley ball, gym
How many triathlons? 60 approx
Greatest achievement in triathlon? Finishing 1/2 Ironman
Greatest achievement outside of triathlon? Having a great relationship with Carly & Jess
Best result? 2004 HIM - finishing despite crashing and puncture on the bike. Being able to help lumby across the line. Great day!
Best and worst triathlon legs and why? Best - run, Worst - swim
Most embarrassing moment in triathlon? First ever duathlon - going on to the run still wearing my helmet
Three people you would like to invite to dinner? Bob Downe, Ali G and Santa
Favourite music? Anything 80's (Echo beach)
Favourite film? Forrest Gump
Favourite TV show? Survivor, Amazing race - I am the reality king
Favourite triathlon distance? HIM at the moment
Favourite race? Shepparton
Favourite food? Lollies - I love lollies
Favourite drink? Are you supposed to drink!!??
Triathlon goals Ironman 2006 - who said that? Big maybe!
Passions outside triathlon? Outside triathlon.....Hmmmmmmmm???
Describe yourself in 5 words or less Quiet, shy, lethargic, fat, lazy

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