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When and why did you start triathlon? First introduced to the sport in New Zealand in the mid 80s, watching a family friend (Sue Price) compete. Sue was a top Kiwi triathlete back in the mid 1980's/early 90's. Normally in the Top 10 Females at IRONMAN NZ, 2nd female Kiwi behind the legendary Erin Baker and she also competed at Kona a number of times.

I dabbled in Triathlons at high school, then paid little attention to the sport between the ages of 20-30 (I discovered drinking, cigarettes, travel... and chicks!!).

In 2012/13 something rekindled my interest and I spoke with "Postie" and ended up joining the NunaTriClub. I did a few Gatorade Sprints, 1 x Olympic Distance and then last year did Challenge Shep; my 1st Half IRONMAN distance event.

With me it's "all or nothing" as my wife puts it; from 1 Olympic to 1/2 Distance!!
Future goals? More weight loss... May 2015 weighed in just under 100kgs and currently 91kgs. I am trying get to 85kgs by Shepparton and then to 80kgs.

Get revenge on Mack Clarkson at Challenge Shepparton this year; the goal is to be out on the run before he finishes! Mack was 1st in the 40-44 age group and I was 2nd to last from memory?! Only one way we can go from here...
Upcoming events? Challenge Shepparton (entered)

Challenge Melbourne - Apr 2017 (entered)

And either 70.3 Ballarat (see how I pull up from Shepparton) or 70.3 Geelong in Feb 2017 and squeeze in some Olympic distance events. My body isn't built for the Sprint format!!
Longer term? A Full Distance (IRONMAN); so definitely IRONMAN NZ, maybe IRONMAN Australia at Port Mac.

Highly unlikely I would ever qualify for Kona so Challenge Roth at some stage.
How is my training going? Swim: once a week at least (normally Tuesday night club session) and a 2nd session if/ when it happens.

Bike: very sporadic/far too infrequent. Mostly done at home on the trainer; I mm quite comfortable sitting on the "Kurt" for 2-3 hrs in a session. Occasional Friday ride into work (Docklands).

Run: 3 minimum a week, generally 5-9kms at various paces/efforts. Every 3/4th Friday morning I will run into office which will be somewhere between 15-25kms.

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