Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones
Question Answer
Tell us about your sporting background and how you first got into triathlons I’ve never been especially sporty but am always willing to give something a go. I played soccer in high school but haven’t been consistently active since then, and I wanted to set myself a goal that would challenge and inspire me.

I saw the Get Into Triathlon program advertised at Aqualink and it was always something I thought I could do. I did the Triathlon Pink at MSAC last January and really enjoyed it, so GIT was great at helping me focus my training and improve my transitions.
Your favourite TRI discipline? Swimming is my favourite discipline, and my strongest. I’m weaker on the bike and my run is terrible!
Goal race for the 2017/18 season? No goal race in particular, just focussing on completing the 2XU Fun Tri Series, setting PBs each time, and getting my fitness right to move into sprint length next season.
Favourite holiday destination and why? My favourite place in the world is Namibia in Southern Africa. It’s so vast and stunningly beautiful – the picture I’ve shared is from the top of Dune 45 in the Sossusvlei part of the Namib Desert.

In Australia I love Byron Bay – the great food, beaches and laid-back vibe makes it the perfect escape for a long weekend.
Super power for a day Supersonic speed – would definitely help with my habitual lateness and speed up my transition times!
What else keeps me busy outside of tri? I work in Government Relations for a dairy company, and I’m also completing a Master of Communications. In winter you can generally find me on a mountain strapped into a snowboard (and falling badly!), and I love cooking, travelling and exploring new places.
What do you love about being a member of NunaTriClub? The friendly and supportive atmosphere of the club – it makes what can be a very individual-focussed sport into a team sport. I love seeing those Nuna blues out on race day and having the Nuna cheer squad encouragement. It definitely helps me push through both in training and during a race.

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