Rachel Edwards
Rachel Edwards
Question Answer
Age? 31
Born where? Sydney - but don't hold that against me
Star sign Aries
Single/married/kids Married one child
Occupation IT Manager
Nickname/s Giggles
Current bike Giant TCR Aero
Current shoes Asics 2090
When did you begin triathlon and why? Started with the BRW in 98 mainly to beat everyone I work with and be able to remind them over and over! It was fun so I kept coming back. It took me 4 years to get into it and join a club and I have still hardly raced thanks to some well timed maternity leave...
How many years in NTC? 3ish
What is your sporting background? Horse riding mainly, bit of surf life saving
How many triathlons? 4 or 5 BRW's, a handful of brooks/challengers, and a team enrty at Shepp
Greatest achievement in triathlon? Getting back to training after Annabel's arrival!
Greatest achievement outside of triathlon? Happy family, career, state champion horse rider, enough sky diving to be able to chuck a 360??? Dunno...
Best result? We won our category at Shepp, though we (Anna, Heidz and our coach Karina!) were in a pizza restaurant at the time of the presentations (see favourite food)
Best and worst triathlon legs and why? Swim - surf life saving, Run - how many swimmers can run?
Most embarrassing moment in triathlon? Falling off my road bike on any given Sunday!
Three people you would like to invite to dinner? Gareth because we never get the chance to have a peaceful dinner together now we're a family, and my two brothers cause they live too far away to catch up much
Favourite music? Kidie Rap (Kriss Kross/Lil Bow Wow). Just about anything, especially live
Favourite film? Princess Bride or Happy Gilmore
Favourite TV show? Survivor
Favourite triathlon distance? Anything with a short run
Favourite race? Ask when I have done enough to choose...
Favourite food? Pizza or Lasagna
Favourite drink? G&T or Vodka Soda
Triathlon goals To actually get racing!
Passions outside triathlon? Cooking, sleeping, reading... The beach
Describe yourself in 5 words or less Friendly, busy, organised, tired(!), and well, a little bit foul-mouthed.

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