Mark Beovich
Mark Beovich
Question Answer
Age? 36
Born where? Hospital
Star sign Saw Reggie from Big Brother the other day
Single/married/kids Married to Bron with daughter Chloe
Occupation Chiropractor, part time triathlon coach
Nickname/s Boysie
Current bike Shogun samuri ($500 brand new 4 years ago)
Current shoes Black
When did you begin triathlon and why? 1988 group of uni mates decided to do the Kew Triathlon
How many years in NTC? 5 or 6
What is your sporting background? Footy
How many triathlons? Too many
Greatest achievement in triathlon? Training and finishing 1/2 Ironman Shep
Greatest achievement outside of triathlon? 9 months before Chloe's birth
Best result? I've won 2 races
Best and worst triathlon legs and why? Best 30 secs into a race and last 30 secs, worst everything in between
Most embarrassing moment in triathlon? Not doing up my speedos at T1
Three people you would like to invite to dinner? 3 baby sitters so Bron and I could go out
Favourite music? I have 2 cd in my collection both given to me
Favourite film? Kodak
Favourite TV show? Anything with a reality twist
Favourite triathlon distance? 1/2 Ironman
Favourite race? Noosa
Favourite food? Pasta
Favourite drink? Ginger ale
Triathlon goals Have fun and help anyone who need it
Passions outside triathlon? Kinder duty, high five and anything to do with fairies
Describe yourself in 5 words or less A bit of a character

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