Dean Jackson
Dean Jackson
Question Answer
Age? 45
Born where? Bath, England
Star sign Libra (but who cares?)
Single/married/kids Very married
Occupation Law Clerk
Nickname/s Captain
Current bike Cannondale
Current shoes Shimano
When did you begin triathlon and why? I did my first tri on 15 December 1986 after a friend I worked with saw details of a triathlon in a magazine and convinced me it would be good fun to give it a go. At that stage I couldn't swim. (OK ok, I still can't swim!) I think the sport first hit Australia in about 1985. My first race was called the Le Coq Sportif Christmas Triathlon and was held at Emerald. The race was a swim (in Lake Aura Vale) of 1 km, a cycle (down to Berwick, back up to Emerald & back to the lake) of about 45 km and a hilly run of 12 km. I came 200th out of 217! The next year I came 28th overall and beat Robin Tullett and Rod Cedaro (former Ironman Australia Champion.) While looking up the results I noticed that a Lee Bonardi came 91st! A moment of glory!

NB. In those days that was a short race and many people stripped between legs!
How many years in NTC? Joined in 1993
What is your sporting background? Very ordinary footballer and battling marathoner
How many triathlons? 10 Ironmen, about 15 1/2 Ironmen, and countless shorter races
Greatest achievement in triathlon? Definitely finishing my 10th Ironman this year and becoming an ironman Legend! My race number for life is 10-114
Greatest achievement outside of triathlon? Marrying Andrea 20 years ago and having 2 great kids Daniel & Cameron
Best result? 3rd in my age group at the Vic Long Course Championship about 4 years ago or having a faster Ironman time than The Zebra or remaining unbeaten against The Old Man (not that I am competitive)
Best and worst triathlon legs and why? Swim is the worst because I am always so far behind the Phantom and the run is the best because I just love charging home and running down people like The Phantom!
Most embarrassing moment in triathlon? It was probably in a duathlon, Stopping after 2 laps of a 3 lap course
Three people you would like to invite to dinner? Andrea, Daniel & Cameron... OK OK OK All of the NTC Ironman crew over the years.
Favourite music? Anything except heavy metal. Sorry Moshy!
Favourite film? Any chick flick (did I say that!)
Favourite TV show? Any sport
Favourite triathlon distance? What a dumb question to ask me!
Favourite race? Same again!
Favourite food? Anything except silverbeet
Favourite drink? A good red
Triathlon goals To continue to enjoy training & racing
Passions outside triathlon? Family, football and being on my soap box
Describe yourself in 5 words or less Passionate

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