Daniel Naismith
Daniel Naismith
Question Answer
Age? 27
Born where? Box Hill
Star sign Aquarius
Single/married/kids Married (no kids)
Occupation Project Engineer
Nickname/s Lion Tamer
Current bike Giant TCRc2
Current shoes Asics Kayano
When did you begin triathlon and why? 2004 - BRW's got me hooked
How many years in NTC? 1
What is your sporting background? Basketball
How many triathlons? 1 x Gatorade Series
Greatest achievement in triathlon? Olympic Distance
Greatest achievement outside of triathlon? 2 yards of beer in 40 mins
Best result? Beating Giggles & Moshy at Shep
Best and worst triathlon legs and why? Love to ride and I only swim when I have to
Most embarrassing moment in triathlon? Had to stop for a piss during run leg of first sprint-distance tri
Three people you would like to invite to dinner? Angelina Jolie & the twins...?
Favourite music? The Tea Party
Favourite film? Ali G = "In Da House" Ahiii
Favourite TV show? Rove Live
Favourite triathlon distance? 50m
Favourite race? Shepparton
Favourite food? Pizza
Favourite drink? Beer
Triathlon goals 1/2 Ironman, Ironman
Passions outside triathlon? Carlton - Go the Blue Boys!
Describe yourself in 5 words or less Forgetful... Committed... Forgetful

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