Chiara Curtis
Chiara Curtis
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Tell us about your sporting background and how you first got into triathlons I was primarily a basketball player growing up. I was a state representative (ACT) from under 14 to under 20, was a member of the ACT Academy of Sport and was fortunate to spend a year in Colorado on a basketball scholarship at Junior College.

Since “settling down” and having kids my sporting life has consisted of attending yoga classes, participating in MFJ Bootcamps and running sessions and participating in fun runs (the highlight was a 1:43:17 half marathon in 2015...that’s a while back!!!). I’ve been a bit start-stop with injuries (mainly hip related, that started while I was training for Oz-fam...I unfortunately never made it to the start line!)

I am very late to Triathlon, commencing my "career" in the most recent GIT program (on the recommendation of Juddy who I met at bootcamp). I completed the family & friends triathlon and the Challenge Melbourne Sprint both in April bring my triathlon tally to 2!!
Your favourite TRI discipline? Thats a hard question! I like the purity of the run...there is nowhere to is up to you...not your equipment - but it hurts the most!!

Having never really ridden before the GIT program, I have found the ride harder than expected...I don't go as fast as I thought I would, but I have enjoyed the social rides a lot and when riding I feel like a school kid...the freedom & joy of 'wooshing around' is awesome...even on my hybrid!!! ;0).

The swim...I quite like it, especially after investing in a wetsuit!
Goal race for the 2018/19 season? The 6 part 2XU series and the Olympic distance at Shepparton are locked in! I am hoping to attend as many training sessions as I can and to improve in all areas over the next season. I drove up the 1 in 20 in a day it will happen on a bike!!
Future goals? I can't believe I am saying this....but maybe...just maybe there is a 70.3 AND an IM in this old duck yet! The guys from Cairns have inspired me!!
Favourite holiday destination and why? Goldcoast. It is a great location for travelling with kids; It doesn't take too long to get to (but you still get the excitement of a plane!!) and has everything you need to have a good holiday - Good Weather and beaches!
Super power for a day To be able to predict the future...Only need the super power for one day...the day before the lotto draw...Game over!!
What else keeps me busy outside of tri? 1 husband, 3 kids, 4 chickens, veggie garden & yoga
What do you love about being a member of NunaTriClub? I love the training in a group. I really enjoy the motivation and safety in numbers! I am pushing myself more than I do alone and I am going places I would never have had the confidence of going alone! I am discovering my city like I would never have done before...It has unlocked the Bay - I never knew there were starfish there! I love the support and encouragement members give each other and the platform for members to share their achievements. So far the social aspect hasn't been too bad either...I have my name on a trophy!!....did I mention I won the Beer Mile? ;0)

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