Angelo Bonacci
Angelo Bonacci
Question Answer
Tell us about your sporting background and how you first got into triathlons I played soccer for a few seasons, but I was terrible at it so I gave it the flick early in high school and took up competitive swimming.
Your favourite TRI discipline? It depends on the distance of the race. In shorter races I love opening up on the bike. Over IRONMAN distance I love the run and the mental challenge it presents to keep pushing when everything hurts like hell.
Goal race for the 2016/17 season? Either New Zealand or Cairns IRONMAN, haven't decided which one to do yet. Also the ITU Offroad World Championships.
Favourite holiday destination and why I love Queenstown, all the outdoor adventure activities to do there are awesome! Snowboarding, White Water Rafting, Skydiving, Bungy jumping, Jet boating, Mtn biking, Quad biking, Hiking. The list goes on... The countryside there is also breathtaking. And the nightlife is pretty good too.
If you could have a super power for a day what would it be? To have superman like speed! It would help get everything done in a timely manner and it would also be great to experience what it's like to be as fast as Mack Clarkson!
In a snapshot of a few sentences, what else keeps you busy outside of triathlons? My day job... I'm a maintenance engineer in an ice cream factory. Hours vary significantly based on the time of year, what's going on in the factory and whether the oompa loompa's are behaving themselves!
What do you love about being a member of NunaTriClub? The people and the supportive environment we foster. I love being out there racing and hearing a "Go Nuna!" from the sidelines. The support and club comradery up at Shep in particular is one of my favourite things about the club. And the bantar on the facebook page is hilarious!

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