Question Answer
So, tell us what attracted you to the wonderful world of triathlon and signing up to the GIT program? I needed a new challenge. Most of my teenage years and into my 20’s I was battling with my weight. I’d yoyo in and out of fad diets and such, but in the last few years, since my sister passed away, I decided to really knuckle down and do it this time.

So I finally am confident in my own skin, what’s next?? Triathlons that seems like a clear next step!! LOL
In a snapshot, tell us what you enjoyed most about the GIT program? Making so many friends. The Nuna community is so team orientated in a solo based sport, it’s amazing the unity this group has and the wisdom and guidance that has followed has been overwhelming. I look forward to growing as a valued member within this community.

And winning GIT of the season, of course!
What events / goals are next on the horizon? Half Marathon (Run Melbourne)

Hexman in Shepparton

Gunning for a half IRONMAN in the not-too-distant future
In a nutshell, what keeps you busy outside of sport / triathlon? Well who has time for anything else really? I work at NAB in Docklands in their training facility where we manage rooms nationally, which sometimes is a logistical nightmare. I am addicted to Netflix Doco’s and love pizza!
Favourite holiday destination? Camping!! Anywhere beautiful where I can hike, go fishing and sit by a camp fire.
If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be? Being able to say exactly what I want to all the tossers at my workplace and not get fired.

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