Andrew Caune
Andrew Caune
Question Answer
Age? 22
Born where? Hobart
Star sign Goat
Single/married/kids Single without kids
Occupation Construction Engineer
Nickname/s Acaune (Acorn), Corn, Corny, Cob, Nutter, AC etc. etc.
Current bike Aluminum Specialized road frame + mix of components
Current shoes Asics Kayano and Sidi T1 Carbon
When did you begin triathlon and why? 2005, for fun
How many years in NTC? Since 2005
What is your sporting background? Swimming
How many triathlons? 8 and counting [1xIM, 2xHalf, 1xOD, 4xmini]
Greatest achievement in triathlon? Enjoying all of my races
Greatest achievement outside of triathlon? Completing a public stage of Le Tour de France
Best result? Completing IM Aust 06. Bronze in u/11 100m fly
Best and worst triathlon legs and why? Best = Swimming (I can't forget the path of least resistance), Worst = Running (I haven't learnt to 'float')
Most embarrassing moment in triathlon? Seeing my post race photos (arrgghh...)
Three people you would like to invite to dinner? Adam Duritz, Reinhold Messner and Robert Burton
Favourite music? JJJ
Favourite film? Amores Peros, Baraka, Great Expectations (98), The Corporation...
Favourite TV show? Enough Rope, Front Line, Fifth Gear, The Awful Truth
Favourite triathlon distance? Half IM
Favourite race? Devonport Half (as long as it's not windy)
Favourite food? Anything fresh
Favourite drink? Soda water with OJ and Iced Choc with cream
Triathlon goals Sub-10hr, sub-2hr, Kona (might as well dream big)
Passions outside triathlon? Wilderness (Hiking, Climbing, Body-surfing etc.)
Describe yourself in 5 words or less Inquisitive, Driven, Ennui, Affable, Arcane

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