Question Answer
What enticed you to the wonderful world of triathlon? My dad started doing triathlons when I was a child and signed my sisters and I up to be child members of the local club.

I enjoyed the commitment it required and the fun community atmosphere, but I had always struggled with running. So for the last few years I’ve been working mainly on my running and now I have more confidence to run the distances required to complete a triathlon. My mantra “it doesn't count if you walk”.

When I finished school I decided to ditch the mountain bike and get a racer so I could start triathlons. I had 2012-2013 off to start a family and have come back to have a crack at the bigger events.
Your favourite tri discipline? Swimming
Any particular triathlon goals in mind? My first goal was just to complete one, which I did on the 12th of April. Now it will be to do a sprint and not lose the timing tag
Favourite holiday destination and why? This is a tough one there are so many. My family has time share at Nepean Country Club so that has a been a regular holiday spot throughout my life. It has very happy memories of spending time as a family playing tennis, mini golf, swimming at the back beaches in swimmers while everyone else was in steamers and extended family get-togethers.
If you could have a super power for a day what would it be? The one that comes to mind is I’d like to run really fast like Dash in the Incredibles.
In a snapshot of a few sentences what else keeps you busy outside of triathlon? My life since I joined the tri club has been training and work. What I do enjoy is quilting and crochet when I can find the time. I’ve made 5 handbags, a quilt and a little sheep recently I have another quilt and a crochet rug in progress
What do you love about being a member of the NunaTriClub? I love that there’s lots of opportunity to train and that the training times are easy to make and you can be as flexible as you like. I also love the community which was really demonstrated when it was discovered I didn’t have any Nuna colours for my first tri and people put their hands up to offer me some of their old gear to wear so I could be spotted

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