Beer Mile Preview 2017 by Hoff @ 30 Apr 2017
Its origins go back to 1989 in Canada at the Burlington Central High School track in Burlington Canada. The first official set of rules were laid out in 1993 and since then it has grown in popularity and found its way around the world, even leading to a World Championship which began in 2014 in Austin, Texas.

A typical beer mile involves participants starting by drinking a beer, then running a 400m lap of an oval/athletics track and then repeating this until a total of 4 beers have been consumed and 4 laps have been completed. Beers should be 5% and a minimum of 355ml. In the NunaTriClub running of the beer mile participants are permitted to drink cider if that is their preferred beverage of choice (ladies we are looking at you!)

The NTC Beer Mile History
2014 – Winner: Aidan Rich
Aidan and Postie kick-started the tradition and Aidan recorded the win in the inaugural event in impressive fashion. Megan Harvey can be heard in the background laughing whilst filming the event, why she wasn’t competing is a genuine question.

2015 – Winner: Luke Ismail
Aidan was MIA but Postie rounded up some more competition (the authenticity of the competition could be questioned) including Angelo Bonacci, Steve Goosens, and Ishty. Postie did it easy and the most memorable moment was the now President Angelo Bonacci having to run off to the bushes for a post-race spew!

2016 – Winner: Andrew Noordhoff
Both Aidan and Postie were MIA this time around, the field continued to grow, with Hoff, Ishty, Russ, Bagshaw and Stricko vying for the title. Ishty lead the field through the first beer and lap but was passed at the beginning of the second lap by Hoff who was never troubled thereafter. Some questionable tactics from Russ bought about some scandal to the competition for minor places (he will be closely watched again this year!)

2017 Preview
Venue is TBC but will be posted up shortly. Aidan has again decided his maiden victory was enough and is boycotting the event to maintain his perfect record. We’ve never had a female runner, will this year be the first? So who is going to be in the running?

Luke Ismail (Postie)
Winner of the 2015 event, word has it he wants another crack this year. Postie will be hoping for a hilly course (his preference would no doubt be a fire trail in the nongs, won’t happen Postie!) but a flat course awaits most likely. Will be a good chance to back up his 2015 feat.

Andrew Noordhoff (Hoff)
Winner of the 2016 event, super keen to go back to back and prove 2016 was no fluke! Has been rumoured to have been spotted running laps of the local ovals at early hours of the morning in preparations for the event. Will be up there at the front of the field if his beer sculling matches his running ability.

Angelo Bonacci (Chucka)
Sorely missed last year, will the Pres show his face again or is memory of 2015’s disgrace still etched into his memory? Won’t be at the front of the pack early but his endurance will have him pushing hard to finish strong.

Russell Saunders (Sculling a whole beer is overrated)
Competed last year and his form was ordinary to say the least, but he did manage a second place. Like Bonacci will be slow to start but his endurance might see him creep up a few places towards the end. One to watch for dirty tactics.

Ishty Chowdhury (pace setter)
Ran well early last year but struggled getting his third and fourth beer down when the race got going, hopefully has improved his efforts for this year. His efforts are worth the price of admission alone for those coming to spectate!

Michael Bagshaw (Bags)
Bags ran a very consistent race last year and will be searching for an improved placing this year as he continues his preparation for Worlds in August.

Andrew Strickland (Stricko)
Stricko lost his beer mile virginity last year and performed admirably. His fitness has improved and it will be interesting to see if this improves his beer mile performance. Wife Dom will be on call with the ambulance again if anything goes pear shaped.

Harrison Grace (Nude Nugget)
Harrison has been asking about this event since the day he joined the club, rumour has it it’s half the reason he joined the club. Very keen to etch his name into the trophy in his debut, will be one to watch, could go all the way or do a Bonacci!

Mack Clarkson (The Daddy)
Came running past last year on a training run but wasn’t interested in competing, feels he is above the level of competition so chooses not to compete, will he turn up ready to race this year or continue to snub the competition.

Luke Crozier (Lukey C)
Loves a craft beer and his biggest decision may come down to which beer to drink. Running form has been solid up until bubs #2 arrived but should have no excuse not to represent the family and do them proud!

Matt Power (Matty P)
Was too busy laying bricks last year to compete, could suffer the same fate this year. If he turns up will be one to watch with his scorching run!

Stephen Rosbrook (Rosi)
Can down a beer quicker than most, however the distance between him and the event always serves as an excuse, would love to see him there as his trash talk will put some off their game!

Dean Jackson (The Captain)
Expect to see some home brewed beauties if the captain turns up, these might need to be tested to ensure they meet the standard! Captain would prefer this up a hill like Postie but his beer drinking capabilities make his a roughie that could be an outside chance on his day!

Angela Bernaldo (All in Ang)
We are yet to see a female compete yet alone win one and Ang would be a great chance if she gets herself down for a run!

Laura Anderson (Lauza)
Would give any of the girls a run for their money and with all the secret training that’s been eluded to in recent weeks would be a red hot favourite if she competes! Surely co-worker Aidan Rich could pass on some advice!

Dom Strickland (Mrs Stricko)
If she’s over her injuries and not saving lives on the day she would likely show a clean set of heels to the other ladies and probably husband Stricko as well!

Anna Clarkson (Juddy)
Will she continue the family tradition of boycotting the event or will she draw on her beer pong skills and bring the noise and become the inaugural female winner. Short priced favourite if she turns up.

That’s it for the preview, happy training for the event, details will be out soon of venue and time!

If you have some time take a look at the previous editions all caught on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! Google Nunawading Tri Club Beer Mile on YouTube and it should come up!