Once Was IRONMAN - Scrappy @ 28 Mar 2017
I know I have not been on the scene for a while, but I promise I have not been secret training.

In December after some months of not feeling well, and not happy with my GP’s advice, I jumped in the car after work one day and told Robyn I was going to the Emergency Department of the Epworth Hospital to ask for a check-up. I had an abdominal scan and was admitted to hospital for four days with a serious intestinal infection.

Sick of being sick I decided I was going to get fit again (quake in your boots Dean Jackson) and do my first Sprint triathlon in over 20 years. Six days out of hospital I raced at Elwood. It wasn’t a good idea but I’m still glad I did it. I figured it would be a “circuit breaker” for me.

I stopped 3 times in the 500 m swim, did not pass a single person on the bike (but was passed by many) and then did a run / stop / walk routine around the 5K course. It hurt. Completing the course however I was greeted by a line of high fives from, I lost count how many, NTC members. That was the best part of the whole damn race. It made the race worth it – thankyou all.

I took a break for a few weeks after the race because I think my race was a little premature and I needed more recovery time.

I decided 2017 was going to be my year. I had not been on the bike for a while so I started with some easy short rides, Mount Martha - Frankston, a round trip of approximately 40 km. After about four rides at this distance I decided on a change of scenery. On 23 January I drove to Frankston and hopped on the bike with the intention of doing a flat 60 K or so. And that, is where my memory stops.

I have no recollection of riding the bike at all and the following has been told to me by the police relayed through Robyn.

I was in Seaford, apparently I hit a pedestrian who stepped out from between cars in front of me. I was apparently going 40 kph according to witness' estimates. However, I think that is highly complementary, although I have no idea what speed I was going as I didn’t have my Garmin.

I must have tried hard to avoid the pedestrian. I was told the pedestrian had “minor bruising”. This might have something to do with the fact that I have been told that both of my front and rear brake callipers have been bent beyond repair. Witnesses say I flew over the top of my handlebars with arms outstretched like superman (not Ironman).

I know there is other damage to my bike but I have not been able to get back to Frankston Police to retrieve it yet.

I was unconscious for most of the ambulance ride to the Alfred Hospital. The first thing I remember was being on a trolley and seeing a pair of scissors cutting my new NTC jersey from me. I went straight into surgery for just on 2 hours.

I fractured three ribs on the left-hand side at the front with one of the ribs also having a second fracture at the rear. My fractured ribs ruptured my spleen and a kidney. I had significant internal bleeding.

I was told that my kidney was likely to recover fully, but that I had lost 95% of the function of my spleen.

I had a blood transfusion and spent three days in intensive care, then another five days in the trauma ward.

My body is currently regenerating (and doctors say they are astounded by my physique, the body of a fit 30 year old but the brain of a 5 year old). I have lost 5 kg and because of that I am almost down to my racing weight.

I have minor follow up surgery due in April to remove a filter placed in a vein to minimise the risk of blood clots.

Do not try to dismount your bike at approx. 40 kph.