Sweat Test @ 27 Mar 2017
On March the 1st, a handful of Nuna members attended a sweat test at Bill Sewart track. The aim of this sweat test was to find out how much sweat was lost in 30minutes of race pace running and how much sodium was found within the sweat collected. This information helps athletes discover how much liquid needs to be consumed during races and the concentration of electrolytes needed to replenish lost stores. Everybody reacts in different ways to endurance events and it’s important to know what the body requires to race efficiently. It’s not an easy formula. The more knowledge about our bodies we can find, the better.

The results were fascinating. We were required to weigh ourselves before running without clothes on, run for 30mins with cotton strips stuck with adhesive tape to our forearms and forehead, and then when finished, have the cotton strips removed by our tester (Andrew Jacobs from Pro4mance) and then weigh ourselves again without our sweaty clothes on. The discrepancy in weight before and after exercise equates to sweat lost, and the sweat extracted from the cotton strips by syringe is then tested for sodium concentration. I lost 1.2kg of sweat per hour which was moderate for my weight and gender. One person who was tested lost over 2kg of sweat per hour. The composition of sodium in my sweat was low though….. this sounds disgusting so I won’t bother everyone with the data.

So what I’ve taken away from this exercise is that I don’t really need to over compensate with fluids during races (I’ll try to drink a bidon/hr on the bike on hot days) and also not make those fluids too strong/concentrated. I used to think I sweat a lot and made my drinks pretty potent as my stomach could process a fair bit (I always need to eat before training and events). I will purchase some electrolyte product from Pro4mance. It is owned and made locally and it is also a HASTA certified product which means it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is pure and contaminant free.