Nagambi Sufferfest Half IM and Olympic distance - Captain IRONMAN @ 26 Feb 2017
First cab of the rank in November was Mt Martha with the freezing water temperature leading to lots of suffering in my no sleeve wetsuit! That lead to laps on the bike over the rolling hills between Mornington and Safety Beach which was tough but suited my no speed climbing style and best of all, no chance of any drafting so that was great. The run was mostly on paths (some rough) with lots of hills so plenty of suffering took place as it heated up and you entered into a state of confusion trying to figure out the poorly marked run course. Again, this suited my (as someone said) diesel style of racing! I ended up 4th in my age group.

Then in late January a few of us headed up to Nagambie. Well what a contrast, for the swim, warm water, NO WET SUIT and the course seemed to go on forever, (in truth about 2.4 km!) yes lots of suffering for a rock like me.

The bike was on a nice surface, dead flat except for a small rise which gave you the opportunity to stretch the back so some unusual (for me) genuine time trialing with the low numbers meaning no drafting.

Come the run, it was climbing up to about 34 degrees so the race series was again well named with lots of suffering. Not much shade but a little breeze on those parts near the lake and the volunteers were great with drinks and ice. GB (Russell) also showed the Nuna Spirit running most of the way with me after having to pull out of the race with cramps in the swim.

I ended up 2nd in my age group and Ajax’s brief venture back into triathlon in the Olyfest led to an age group win! Have to admit, especially for me, low numbers were a significant contributor but you can only race who turns up!

There is a 3rd race coming up down at Warrnambool which should again be a great course but commitments mean we won’t get down there.

In summary, the SUFFERFEST SERIES has plenty of potential with junior, sprint, Olympic and 1/2 IRONMAN races over the weekend giving everyone the chance to get involved for fair entry fees. The only problem is their organisation leaves a lot to be desired. Greater numbers would also help the atmosphere and perhaps we could help that with more Nuna Blue but they have to get the organisation right!

NB, nice finisher medals (and placing trophy bell) adds to the variety of the pile!