Austra-ya Day 2017 Swim Mt Martha by Rosi @ 26 Feb 2017
With a new little black marquee set up early, the 5km swimmers started to arrive, more Nunas than ever for the longer event. The conditions were cool and overcast with a gentle breeze... At the start. The guys were off first, followed by the girls who no sooner started and the wind got up. The water conditions are always a little misleading here and out the back there were some fair size rollers and a stiff current making the south bound leg hard work.

Finishing with a super result and great time was Talia in 5th with a 1:16 just pipping Mack with a 1:20... Great swims from Robbie T, Harrison, Jock and Megan who were all under 1:40 for the 5km. Super jobs from our super mums, Anna rocking the new wettie to break 1:50 and Reggie who was doing her longest ever swim and got so close to knocking it off!... Great effort everyone!

Not as many doing the 1.2km, and with the wind up and a bit of chop it was more a challenge out there for Mark J who flew around in 20mins followed by Martin in 21.30 showing his training with Talia is working! Lamble and I rounded out the boys and it was the hard working Laura Anderson for the Nuna girls who had a solid swim with 23min.

Thanks to everyone for coming back to Silkhorn and chilling while we BBQd hard to get the snags and burgers done, Marni I really appreciated the offers for salads and desserts, it certainly made it a great afternoon. Great to see more Nunas drop in after their rides and everyone mingling with our local friends and family.

Hope you all had a great day and see you next year, cheers!