Geelong Olympic Distance - race report by Ishty @ 23 Feb 2015
The Geelong Olympic distance race on 8 February 2015 was only two week after my overseas trip to Bangladesh. As with any overseas trip, I indulged a bit and was carrying a bit more than I wanted in the midsection. Fortunately, the runs and swims I did in Bangladesh were fairly light and I wasn’t carrying any injuries going into the race. Two days prior to the race, Afiq and I decided to do the race together.

The day before every race, I make sure I keep myself hydrated. Being tropical I lose an enormous amount of fluid during races, hence the precaution. I also make sure my shoe horn is there in transition. Before Geelong, I bought an extra-long one, and it’s in Nuna blue.

I was fortunate enough to have super weather on race day, not too hot or cold. I set up my transition right beside Afiq. When I got there his transition was neatly organised. Messing with it did cross my mind but I exercised restraint.
Afiq and I began the swim together and stayed side by side all the way. The water was calm and it was great fun swimming beside someone in a race situation. I think I did hear Afiq singing ‘its all about the bass…’ as we neared the final buoy.

Loads of cheer at the swim finish and heard the announcer pointing out the fact that we are racing together. That caught the race referees attention who paid us a visit as we left transition and told us ‘you can’t ride together, you know that right?..’. With the hope of serving a penalty together, we headed off to the bike leg.

Bike leg was pretty ordinary. The new TT bike was uncomfortable and the wind did not make it easy. Afiq and I was within 100 meters of each other the entire bike and he did make me push.

Run leg was the most fun. This is where I could high five every kid, make jokes at every drink station and try to chat-up any good looking girls running past us. It felt like the athletes appreciated the humour, as it was nearing the finish for the 70.3 run leg and mostly everyone was in pain.

I do remember all who was there cheering for us Sam, Daina, Rozi, Buzz, Tegan and a few others. As you will all know, it makes a huge difference.

I had more fun than any other race. It was a super fun day. No time to show for it, but a great day none the less.
After the race, Afiq and I celebrated and had lunch at an Italian place. We ordered three different sides with the meal.

FC: A massive Congratulations to all Nuna's who competed at Geelong and an extra big congrats to Meagan who after a thrilling race in the 70.3 (my heart was pounding just watching Aidan's updates on facebook) won her age group and very deservedly claimed her spot at the World 70.3 Championships in Austria in August this year.