It's Time For A Change It's Time! by Captain IRONMAN
No I haven’t slipped into a 70’s style political campaign, I’m talking about Getting Dirty! That’s right, forget the politics and add some spice to your life!

Now I know that could also be a bit misleading but don’t worry I’m talking about grabbing a pair of trail shoes and finding some mud on one of the many trails around Melbourne and then even finding a trail race. The Dandenongs is loaded with Fire Trail and Single Trail. You can find a starters map when google searching Dandenong Ranges National Park + map Lysterfield Lake Park is also packed with Fire Trails and Single Trails and a starter map can be found when google searching Lysterfield Lake Park + map.

Last winter we had a few guided tours of Dandy tracks and that might be a goer again if the interest is there.

When it comes to racing, last winter a number of Dirty Nunas entered the trail series run by Rapid Assent which is now known as “The Trail Running Series presented by North Face”. This is a great series and this year it’s been spiced up with some new venues. Rapid Assent run a great race so I have no hesitation in recommending these races. The Anglesea race is run in conjunction with the Surf Coast Century 50k & 100k races on the Saturday which a number of Dirty Nunas did last year and this makes for a great weekend away!

Here’s the link:

2017 Race dates are:

- Race 1: Sunday 18 June – Westerfolds Park - 5km / 11km / 15km
- Race 2: Sunday 9 July – Smiths Gully - 7km / 13km / 18km
- Race 3: Sunday 6 August – Silvan, Dandenong Ranges – 7km / 15km / 21km
- Race 4: Sunday 10 September – Anglesea – 8km / 15km / 23km
- Race 5 - night race: Friday 6th October – Studley Park – 5km / 11km / 15km

There are also lots of other races about so google away or post away on the Nuna site to see what others are up to. Ajax and I will be venturing out to Forest on the Queen’s birthday weekend on 11 June for Run Forest (Run).

Here’s the link:

Race options are 5k, 10k & 21k so no excuses!

Another alternative is firing up the Mountain Bike or even having a crack at CX Racing and Gravel Racing. Again, Lysterfield Lake Park is a great venue for getting the MTB or CX/Gravel Bike out on single or fire Trail.

A bike map can be found easily when google searching Lysterfield Lake mountain bike +map

The Yarra River area is also loaded with tracks so just ask around f you want to have a crack. Club sponsor Top Gear is a great starting point for information and bikes, just ask Pete!

Personally, I’m going to have a crack at CX racing which looks a lot of fun, basically a road bike on steroids! And the gravel scene is growing fast for all day tours on dirt & gravel. I’ll be doing this

So Nunas, watch out for posts on the Nuna Facebook page and let’s get out there, get dirty and have some fun!
Posted on 30 Apr 2017 by Anna
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