Surf Coast Centrury. A Triathlete Perspective
What is interesting about this run is the similarity in time and commitment to IM racing and training. My goal of 10-12 hours reflected on the general grouping of my IM times. Add to that 6 aid stations through the run with runners adopting all sorts of strategies for nutrition, fluid replacement and gear changes.

In training, there are hill runs, flat runs, fartlek runs, strength sessions and a hell of a time commitment and the usual triathletes dreaded thoughts, "am I getting the balance right?!"

Moving on to what was a fantastic weekend with some great people here’s a snap shot of how it all went. In the starters hands were myself and Pras for the 100 km individual, Aidan in the 100 km teams and Ajax, Russell, Ishty and Marc in the 50 km individual.

A top performance by Ajax to come 2nd in her age group and only 15 minutes off winning. Russell and Ishty battled away mostly together as Russell struggled with injury. I suspect they both lost more energy from talking rather than running!

Add to that Marc who I had not met before conquered the 50 km and in true Nuna Blue spirit keeping me company for a while on the beach!

Top of the 100 km Nuna podium goes to Pras who conquered his 14 hour goal running so consistently and smiling all the way! Very inspiring and a great demonstration of controlled running!

Not to be forgotten was Aidan who made it back to back to back in record time in the 100km teams coming home on the tough last beach leg.

For me the 100km was a bit of a disaster with some lessons learned on racing Wonderlands so close to Surf Coast and yes Joe I should have done some beach running in training!

In addition, I think a change of shoes after the 1st beach run would also have been a good idea!

Not falling over twice would also have helped! In the end I battled away pulling out at the 50 km mark. Oh well, never too old to learn, bring on the next challenge!

Finishing off the weekend was Anna and Richard doing the 22.7 km long course last race of the Salomon Series on the Sunday and Erin (sorry if I have got that wrong another club newbie for me) doing the short race. It was nice to sit back on the Sunday and support those running.

So if you are looking for an extra challenge and a great weekend away, get out into the bush for some "soul supporting training" and give Surf Coast Century a go on 3 SEPTEMBER 2016!

Posted on 11 Nov 2015 by Claudio
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