A Brief History of Wheelscience
Wheelscience was founded in 2014 by Peter Coombe and Jo Coombe, both Melbourne based triathletes.

As with all triathletes there comes a point where you want to buy wheels, the problem here is that Peter weighs in at over 100kgs. In 2012 he went through a process of looking at wheels to buy and found out all was not as he would like in the wheel market.
Problem 1 - The wheels he tried just were not up to scratch. He test rode a number of big brand wheels and they all just flexed too much under pressure.
Problem 2 - $3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a set of substandard wheels - really?

Peter had previously spent several years working in Automotive supply chain so had a good understanding of global supply chains, actual likely productions costs and most importantly quality control. He spent 18 months getting samples, making up demo wheels and essentially trying to break them. He succeeded on many occasions. As they say, there is only one problem with $500 eBay wheels, and that is that they are $500 eBay wheels!! While Peter wanted value for money he was not prepared to sacrifice performance or safety. Finally he came across a guy with a wheel plant up in china who ticked all the boxes. He had just gone out on his own after years with Fast Forward and Specialized. Peter passed his required specification to this supplier and when the sample wheels was received Peter knew he had found the right guy. Up to this point he was only after wheels for himself and Jo, but after taking the wheels for a spin another idea popped into his head. Wheelscience was born on a 6 hour training ride.

Wheelscience went live 1 January 2014. Since then the following has happened.

1. Comprehensive testing on a velodrome has proven the performance of the wheels.
2. World 24 hour TT champions, Chris Hopkinson, from the UK has among other thing, set 9 world records on a set of 88mm wheels.
3. Wheelscience have taken on the bike sponsorship for the 2XU series.
4. The wheels have been at every Kona since 2014 including a blistering 4:40 bike split!
5. At IMWA 2015 a Wheelscience rider recorded the fastest age group bike split.

Posted on 21 Jan 2018 by Anna
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