Let’s get serious about riding hills - by Captain IM
All you need to do is get your cycling to an intermediate standard and you are away!

Now you might already be at that standard so come along. If not get yourself to the beginner’s rides and in no time at all you will gain the fitness to have a crack!

And having a crack is what it is all about!

The rides will be in the north, generally in the Kangaroo Ground area or up in the Dandenongs. All rides will have distance options of about 90k, 70k and 45k. Naturally the 45k option is great for those getting out in the hills for the first time or those who have had a lazy winter and need to ease back in! Later in the season there will also be a longer option for the IM bound guys!

Rest assured these are supported rides. They are not a race. That doesn’t mean we stay together the whole way. If we did that the good guys don’t get the ride they want and the slower guys get pushed too hard. So what we do is have set “loop back” spots where the good guys come back and “pick up” the slower riders coming through. I promise no one will get lost!

Looping back works really well. All it takes is communication and a desire to support each other!

You will get to ride roads you never knew existed in an environment second to none!

So watch out for the Nuna Hilly Rides posts on facebook, get you fitness up to the intermediate standard and come along and have some fun!
Posted on 16 Sep 2017 by Anna
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