GIT History by Lee Bonardi
The GIT program was the brainchild of Mark Beovich, a long-time member and coach of the club; and also ran and coached the kids Tri session at the traffic education centre in Colchester Rd Croydon for a number of years. The course began in 2000 and NTC was the first Tri Club to attempt such a program in Victoria, maybe Australia. No other clubs were catering for the beginners offering a 6 week coached course to gain skill and fitness needed to participate in a triathlon, and later hopefully joining NTC which many have. As much as I can remember, here are the coaches from the beginning.

2000 Simon Leighfield
2001 Danny Weatherley
2002 Danny and Lee Bonardi
2003 Lee and Eugene Wong
2004 Lee and Eugene
2005 Lee and Eugene
2006 Lee and Eugene
2007 Lee and Eugene
2008 Lee and Eugene
2009 Eugene
2010 Eugene
2011 Steve Vaughan and Eugene
2012 Steve
2013 Steve
2014 Lee
2015 Lee
2016 Lee

In 2003 we had 29 people joining the GIT so we had to have back to back sessions of 14 then 15 participants.

Simon: was a member earlier on and a gun swimmer missing out by a finger nail in qualifying in breaststroke for the 2006 Olympic Games. Also coached us in swimming and a very good athlete.

Danny: was a member for a short while and coached the GIT in the beginning and then moved on.

Eugene: has been a member from nearly the beginning being a very competitive and skilful athlete and coach. Also taking the open water swims at Half Moon Bay, 6pm on Fridays during summer, followed by dinner and drinks at the local pub.

Steve: a lifetime club member, a great athlete himself and was an influential and loved president for many years that helped rebuild NTC to the strong club it is today.

Lee: that’s me, I’m just part of the furniture.
Posted on 16 Sep 2017 by Anna
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